• Start your Journey with School of Dragons Game

    If you are interested in playing dragon based games then School of Dragons is a better game. By playing it, the players are able to get knowledge different things related to dragons.

    In the game, players are playing the role of dragon trainers. It is a complete journey which starts with the egg hatching and never ends.

    School of Dragons

    During the journey, the players need to cherish the dragons from baby to an adult. In this time-period, you should train the dragon by providing some basic lessons and learn it, how to fly, glide or fight.

    The Baby Dragon

    When the egg of the dragon is hatched at that time the journey of a player begins. The dragon which appears from the egg is considered as the baby dragon. The latest School of Dragons Hack is best to choose when you have a Baby dragon.

    According to these this level of dragons are known as the Tiny Tooth. This particular category of a dragon is tagged with them till level 5.

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    The baby dragons are not able to glide or fly because they don’t have wings. After the level 5 your dragon gets wings and now the category of dragon becomes a short wing. Your dragon is categorized as short wing till it reaches the level 10.

    There are much more things you can do in School of Dragons but I think its enough information for you right now. I will see you in next post.

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